Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 Script / Drehbuch, FAQ & Trivia


Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 Script / Drehbuch, FAQ & Trivia

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I. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 Drehbuch

Original Script:
Download (PDF)

Original Script:
Download (TXT)

Hier klicken, um das Drehbuch bei zu bestellen.

II. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 FAQ (englisch)

1. Why is the bride allowed to carry her sword with her on the plane?
This film (unlike Tarantino's other flicks) takes place in a different world, where you are allowed to carry your swords on the plane with you. During the shot where you see her sword, it is specifically designed to show other passenger's swords as well to get you to think about this. And if you look closely you will also see that the plane has special holders for the swords.

2. What is the point of bleeping out Kiddo's name?
- Its an homage to Clint Eastwood's character in the Dollars Trilogy.
- Uma Thurman's character's name is bleeped out simply to add mystique to the character of The Bride. It also serves the purpose of delivering a punchline to O-Ren Ishii's line/joke ("Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kid's.") that's withheld until Kill Bill Vol. 2 when the The Bride's name is revealed.

3. How did the Bride know, after only briefly looking at her hands, that she had been comatose for 4 years?
Because in some cultures they teach you a way to tell many many different things just by looking at the lines of the palm. So it is assumed that she read those lines to judge the amount of time she was out. Notice the close up shot of those lines before she says "4 years?".

4. Why is Hattori Hanzo upset with Bill?
- Well obviously we don't know seeing as how it wasn't explained. But the best theory is that Bill used Hanzo's teaching for evil. He solely used it to kill people for profit and personal gain. As far as we know Bill had no spiritual or moral benefit from his training.
- Hattori may be showing his disdain at Bill's 'Ronin' lifestyle.

5. When The Bride fights O-Ren it's snowing outside, however when they are travelling to the House of Blue Leaves, there is no sign of snow. Is the garden some kind of fake scenario or are we supposed to suspend reality here?
"Suspend reality" and Kill Bill go hand in hand. The entire film is subtlety stylized. But even though there is little notice of an approaching snow storm or previous snow fall on the streets of Tokyo, if you look closely at the windows in the House of Blue Leaves scene, you can see a steady snowfall has started regardless.

6. Why do they show the classroom scene after Elle reveals her name?
- Simply to be humorous and emphasize that her name has been revealed.
- It may also be a reference to the movie Annie Hall in which Woody Allen reminisces about his grade school days but is still an adult in his flashbacks.

7. What is wrong with the lips of the woman that Esteban calls over?
Esteban has mutilated her lips. Conceivably because of an act of defiance on her part or sadism on his. Bill's ruthless, masochistic/sadistic way of of killing may be attributed to this as Esteban did serve as a father figure to Bill and could have been heavily influenced.

8. Why does Budd tell Bill he sold his Hanzo sword?
The movie's mythology implies that Hanzo's sword are quite priceless and to have one made or receive one is a very grandeur gesture. A family feud may have sparked up after Budd left the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Budd may have lied to Bill about the whereabouts of his own sword, which Bill had given to him as a gift, to simply hurt Bill.

9. Why is Budd angry at Bill?
The reason is never stated. One can assume Budd may have disagreed with the senseless violence during The Bride's massacre and could have left the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad shortly thereafter resulting in a feud between he and Bill.

10. Who is driving the car at the end when Kiddo takes BB out of Bill's?
The person driving the car was a valet that works in the hacienda.

11. Why was Bill expecting her at the end of the movie, after all she had to go through wouldn't he have assumed her dead?
Bill had a very good idea of what Beatrix was capable of and could have expected her to survive after every fight she endured. He could also have had surveillance in his hacienda and was told of her presence beforehand.

12. If Bill felt "very sad" after he shot "Mommy", why couldn't he just have let the whole thing slide and not sent his pals out to kill her?
Bill is very vengeful and repeatedly kills or has people assassinate other's in cold blood. The opening line's of Kill Bill has Bill admitting that he's a sadistic person. Revenge is a recurring if not the theme of the entire film.

13. Why does Pai Mei not get hurt when he is kicked in the testicles?
He caught her foot before she could kick him,although, some believe it is because he is the ultimate kung fu master. He has complete mythical control over his body, therefore feels no pain (until he's poisoned by fish, of course). It's the same reason he feels no pain putting his fist through a board.

III. Kill Bill Vol. 1 Trivia

Dies und Das zu Kill Bill Vol. 1
Details zu KB, die man leicht übersieht
Parallelen zu Kill Bill und anderen Tarantino-Filmen
Alles über Kill Bill Vol. 2

In Kill Bill verwendete Waffen:

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